Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Two Turtle Doves

With weeks and weeks of triple-digit temperatures and no appreciable rainfall for the last ten months, this Central Texas summer has me longing for cooler weather.  So, this is my version of visualizing world I mean, cooler weather.   (Okay, okay... so they're not really Turtle Doves - they're pigeons.   I just thought 'Two Turtle Doves' made for a better title than 'A Couple of White Pigeons'.) 

Here's the pre-textured version:

I used Painted Clouds & Scratchbox 2 textures from Shadowhouse Creations and Texture #16 from Anna Lenabem.

Plus, I found some new sources for free texture-y goodness!  

Snowy II from Pareeerika

Summer Sky from French Kiss

I rather like it so maybe I'll use this image for my Christmas card this year!

Featured as the Admin's Choice on The World Through My Eyes blog.  (THANKS!!!)


Another attempt to salvage a mediocre image.  Here's the original (pre-texture):

Early on I decided to try to get the look of an old world oil painting.  A lot of work into this one.  Seventeen layers in all, including: textures with Layer Masks, five separate Curves Adjustment Layers, two Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layers, and more.

All in all, I'm very happy with the way this one turned out.   This one will definitely be printed and entered in my next show.



I've been going through some of my old photos trying to find images to 'salvage' with the use of textures.  In other words, trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear (as we say in the South).  Well, in some cases it appears to work. Here's the original version of this image before applying the textures:

See what I mean?  It's okay but really not all that exciting. Much better after applying the textures!

The following Shadowhouse Creations textures were used on this image:

Painted Canvas 1 (Overlay 71%)
Raggedy Ass Texture & Frame (Vivid Light 100%)
Old Canvas (Soft Light 100%)
Bluetopia (Overlay 100%)
Square 75 (Overlay 100%)
Scratchbox 2 (Overlay 100%)

Update (July 24, 2011):  This image was chosen as the "Pic of the Week" by the GhostWorks Flickr Group.  Thanks!!