Friday, March 4, 2011

Fix-It-Friday #89

 Here's my entry for I Heart Faces Fix It Friday.

Just to be clear: This is NOT MY PHOTO. It is provided to us by Dana Suggs and everyone edits the same photo. Got it? Dana's photo. My edit.

 Here's how I got there:

1)  Portraiture on his face. (I know, I know... not suppose to use it on guys but I knew the next step would really emphasize the slightest unevenness in lighting so, I wanted to smooth things out a bit. Normally, I would not use Portraiture on a guy!)

2) Topaz Adjust (Equalize preset) with a very light layer mask on the skin (face, arms, hands) to lower the intensity on those areas. This boosted the blacks significantly.

3)  Two curves adjustment layers to darken everything except the skin

4)  Lovely & Ethereal action (free from The Pioneer Woman) which softens & warms things up a bit.

5) Sharpened the eyes

6)  I did a little bit of work on the background (turned one of the white chairs blue, burned the white door & some of the stuff in the pile of rubble)

7)  Quick Edge Burn action (free from The Pioneer Woman)

Here's a larger version of my edit:
That's it! As with the last FIF I did it's fun to do something a little more edgy than my normal portrait style.

Feel free to leave feedback and constructive criticism in the comments.