Friday, January 21, 2011


It's Fix-It-Friday at! We are all editing the same image in order to learn new tips & tricks from each other. This week's image is by Angie Arthur Photography.

I made two different edits because I couldn't decide which one I liked best. Love seeing everyone's edits and I love constructive criticism! Feel free to weigh in.

Here's the original image SOOC (straight out of the camera):
(This image is not mine! Provided by Angie... thanks Angie!) 
Click on any image to see it larger. 

Here's my first edit: 
Here's how I did it:

I used CS5 (Just upgraded from CS3...yikes! Lots to learn!) and my favorite Photoshop plug-in and actions.

I started with Topaz Adjust. It's a fantastic plug-in. You can download a fully functional 30-day trial for free! (HERE) I ran the following presets in Topaz Adjust:
-Clarity preset on just the boy & masked out the rest of the image in CS5
-Vibrance preset & masked out the boy in CS5

One of the issues I have with my own 'jump' shots is that the background is often distracting. It's difficult to freeze the action and still get a shallow depth of field. Sometimes the deep DOF competes with subject matter for attention. Here's my remedy, which just so happens to be the next step on this edit... 

Add a Gaussian Blur. Next, apply a gradient mask to the GB layer to simulate a more shallow DOF. In this case, I painted out the boy in black on the mask so the GB filter wouldn't effect him. (Remember this when you're masking: black conceals, white reveals.)

Next, I ran The Pioneer Woman's Fresh & Colorful action. (It's free. Download it HERE)

Next, I ran the Fake Blue Sky action from MCP's 'Bag of Tricks' which you can find HERE.
I lightened up his face using a curves adjustment layer in CS5.

Cropped using the Rule Of Thirds. 

Here's the second edit (just because I couldn't decide which one I liked better):
For the second edit:
To the above image (the first edit) I ran the 'Seventies' action from The Pioneer Woman. 
That's it! Let me know what you think.

To see how everyone else edited this image visit: