Sunday, October 16, 2011

Portrait #2

Here's portrait number 2 in the 52 Portraits Series.  Isn't she gorgeous??

Portrait #2:  Alejandra

This is a 2fer!  Number 2 in my 52 Portraits series PLUS an image for an upcoming class we'll be teaching.  I took this portrait with the Canon Digital Rebel T3i, Portrait Mode, on-camera flash, kit lens.  (This is very close to SOOC - it's a fantastic camera!)  I ran Pioneer Woman Lovely & Ethereal action, sharpened her eyes, and cropped... that's it!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Portrait #1

I have started a new project this week:  52 Portraits

I got some new gear specifically to update/improve my portraits so I intend to challenge myself to make at least one portrait a week for the next year.  (Most 52 Portraits projects are self-portraits but geez... there's no way I'd torture you or myself by doing that!)  The rules are that the image must be a portrait, not a snapshot.  It has to be intentional, lit, and hopefully a different person (or at least a different style/environment/something!) each week.  I totally stole the idea from this blog.

Here's the first portrait:
Portrait #1:  Coyne

For those of you who don't know- this is Coyne, my partner in business and marriage. He's my key grip, gaffer, sherpa, second shooter, cheerleader, wizard of all things technical... just an all around good guy. And, he's a great photographer in his own right.  This is a natural light portrait.