Monday, July 11, 2011

Chair By The Screen Door

(click on any image to see a larger version)
This image was impossible to properly expose in the camera.  The room was very dark except for the light coming in through the screen door.  I could have exposed for the dark room (which would make the screen door completely white) or exposed for the screen door (which would make the rest of the room completely black).  Bracketing the shot and combining three or more exposure would have worked but I didn't do that.  (Don't ask me why... I don't know!) I decided to take my meter reading off the screen, slightly overexpose the shot (by about half a stop) to give me a little detail in the rest of the room, and hope for the best.

The resulting shot SOOC (straight out of camera) was just awful but I liked the composition and subject matter so I decided to try and salvage it. The fact that I was able to salvage this image is directly attributable to the fact that I shot it in RAW.  There was enough data in the RAW file to recover both the shadows and the highlights in ACR (Adobe Camera RAW).

In added three textures from my new favorite texture artist (Anna Lenabem) and viola!...  I was able to create the image you see at the top of this post.

And, for those that want to know exactly which textures I used, here they are:
     Texture 84 (Blend Mode:  Overlay @15% opacity)
     Texture 124 (Blend Mode:  Color Burn @43% opacity)
     Texture 124 (Blend Mode:  Overlay @97% opacity.... yes, I use the same texture twice)
     Texture 168 (Blend Mode:  Color Burn @15% opacity)

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