Sunday, April 25, 2010

Today's portrait session

Portraits today of three great kids. I'll post more when I have time but for now, here's a sneak peek...

(click on any photo to see a larger version)


Our local camera club held a photo shoot at Silver Oaks Farm just outside of Kerrville. "Challenging" does not even begin to describe how difficult it was. Dark horses in a dark arena with very bright background light makes it nearly impossible to find the right exposure balance. Then, there's the timing challenge: trying to get the horse's legs in the perfect "V" formation. I have new found respect & admiration for dressage photographers!!

(click on any photo to see a larger version)
This is one of the few where I captured the 'V' formation of the horse's legs. The front leg closest to the inside of the arena should be forward. Notice the horse's ears are up & facing forward, which is also important to capture according to Deb, our instructor.

There's a huge mirror at the back of the arena so the riders can see themselves & check out their form.

Here you can see how difficult it was to get the proper exposure. Very bright background but shady/dark inside the arena. It was hard to capture any detail/musculature in the horse. I caught the 'V' but there's a darn pole going right through the horse's head!

It took quite a bit of photoshopping to get the exposure to look this good (or bad, depending on your perspective!) - I'm too lazy to photoshop the pole out.

 This is Cindy Dix Weathersbee (the owner of the horse farm) on Unity.

Zusammen could only be bribed (with peppermint) into the perfect portrait pose - head up, ears forward. Disregard that damn pole growing out of her head.

 Cindy walking Unity back to the barn after their workout.

Deb - thanks for arranging this opportunity for us!! And, thanks to Cindy & Silver Oaks Farms for allowing us access.