Thursday, March 18, 2010

11th Street Cowboy Bar

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11st Street Cowboy Bar
Bandera, Texas - "The Cowboy Capital of the World"

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Canon 5D
Lens: EF 16-35mm f/2.8L USM @ 24mm
ISO 100  -  1/30  -  f/3.2

Applying Textures

Step 1
Open the base image:

Step 2
Open the texture image:

Step 3
Select the MOVE tool from the Tool Bar
(shortcut: press V)

Step 4 
Click on the texture and drag it on top of the base image.

Step 5
Resize the texture layer to fit:
Edit > Free Transform
(shortcut: Mac = Cmd T or PC = Ctrl T)
Click, hold, & drag the handles to resize
(Tip: If you can't see the handles you may need to zoom out. View > Zoom Out or use the shortcut:
Mac = Cmd plus the 'minus' key or PC = Ctrl plus the 'minus' key)
Click Enter/Return (or the check mark at the top) to apply the transformation

At this point your texture layer will be on top. The base image will not be visible.

Step 6
Change the Blend Mode on the texture layer.

Experiment with different Blend Modes to find one your like.
I frequently use the following Blend Modes: 
Multiply, Screen, Overlay, Soft Light, or Hard LIght

You may also want to adjust the Opacity of the texture layer.
(Opacity is located in the top of the Layers Palette, next to the Blend Modes)

Here's the before & after:

Where to find free textures online:

Shadowhouse Creations

Flickr group showcasing artwork/images utilizing Shadowhouse Creations textures. (Scroll down on the flickr group page for more free textures, tutorials, & more):

Lost & Taken:

If you have any questions or need help applying textures to your images please email me:
Vicki Gibson