Saturday, February 27, 2010


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Great Egret

Great Egret
Ardea alba
Ingram, Texas

I haven't had much luck photographing this bird. You can see other crappy photos of a Great Egret on my former blog here.

Ruby-crowned Kinglet?

This may be a Ruby-crowned Kinglet. I saw one a few minutes earlier nearby.  (It was definitely a Ruby-crowned Kinglet - I saw the red stripe on his head... though I didn't get a photo.) This bird was the same size/shape & has a white eye-ring (but I couldn't see the top of his head). The dark spot on the neck makes me think it might not be. Can anyone help me with the ID?

Cedar Waxwing

Cedar Waxwings
Bombycilla cedrorum
Ingram, Texas
ISO 400     1/1250     f/8     @200mm

One of the few North American birds that specializes in a diet of mostly fruit. Occasionally, they eat too many overripe berries and become intoxicated, sometimes to the point of death. Cedar Waxwings don't nest in Texas so you will only find them here in the winter.