Monday, July 26, 2010

I ♥ Faces Contest Entry - July 26

I Faces ( is a great website with a weekly photo contest. This week's theme: PURPLE

Now for the story behind the photo...

Lisa grew up in Austin and just graduated from the University of Texas.  The next phase of life would take her to a new city.  She decided to celebrate the transition and mark the occasion by visiting her favorite Austin landmarks and having some photos taken. This particular photo was taken on the playground in the neighborhood of her childhood home. It's my personal favorite from the day & one that came immediately to mind when I saw this week's theme:  Purple.

Technical details:
Canon 5D w/ EF85mm f/1.8 USM @85mm
ISO 100   f/2.0   1/100
Post-processing was done in Photoshop. Basically, I just did a little color correction on her skin tone so she wasn't too purple.  (I wanted the purple cast to look natural, not like she was a space alien.) I also used CoffeeShop's Eye Bright action to bring out her eyes.


  1. Neat photo. What a great idea to take pics in those tubes!

  2. Cute shot! Love her expression! :-)
    --Hannah @ 2010

  3. Makes me want to go to the playground. But then I remember it's like 100 degrees out and I'd be lugging 3 kids with me....Great photo though!!

  4. Love this photo. Love the playground prop.

  5. wow this is stunning I love love love love this shot~! And it is perfectly centered which is hard to do sometimes with a circular object. She is beautiful and great tone on her skin! I know how hard it is to fix skin tones when kids are inside playground equipment! Looks completely natural

  6. absolutely fantastic. i love those playground tunnels, love the story too - she'll love these photos when she's older

  7. What an awesome photo, what a neat idea to use a playground tunnel like that for a photo (even with adults!) it really creates a fun and colorful background!

  8. So crisp and stunning colors. LOVE IT