Saturday, December 12, 2009

Purple Passion - PhotoQuest 2009

Purple Passion
Fredericksburg, Texas

This is my second entry in the PhotoQuest 2009 show. Like Summer's End, it was also taken at Wildseed Farms near Fredericksburg, Texas.

Technical details...

Canon EOS 5D camera with an EF 85mm f/1.8 USM lens. Exposure: ISO 100, 1/500, f/5.6. The image was processed in Photoshop. Professionally printed on Kodak Endura Ultra Metallic finish paper, chosen to highlight the luscious purple hues. The finish print dimensions are 12" x 12".

The Legend of the Passion Flower...

The passion flower, also called La Flor de las Cinco Llagas (The Flower with the Five Wounds) is rich in Christian symbolism.

Early missionaries used these beautifully intricate flowers to help tell the story of the Passion of Christ to Native Americans.

The flower's three bracts symbolize the Holy Trinity. It's radial filaments represent Christ's Crown of Thorns. The tendrils are reminiscent of the whips used in the flagellation of Christ. The three stigma represent the three nails and the column at which Christ was scourged. The five anthers below the stigma represent the five wounds (four by nails, one by lance). The pointed tips of the leaves resemble the shape of St. Longinus' spear and their undersides bear round spots signifying the thirty pieces of silver for which Christ was betrayed by Judas.

In 1610 a monk named Jacomo Bosio was visited in Rome by an Augustinian friar named Emmanuel de Villegas from Mexico. Bosio was writing a treatise on the Passion of Christ so the Augustinian friar brought him drawings of La Flor de las Cinco Llagas.

At first, Bosio was hesitant to include the drawings in his treatise. They were so strange he thought they must surely be exaggerated. He received more drawings as confirmation and other visiting Mexican Jesuits assured him the flowers were quite real and accurately depicted.

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If you are in the Kerrville area this month please stop by the museum and visit the show. (Click HERE for more info) See my Honorable Mention photo HERE.