Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blue Motorcycle

I used this photo in an ad for high school senior portraits. I wanted the ad to showcase a creative possibility for senior portraiture - something "cool" that would appeal to the target audience.

This photo was actually taken on the street in front of my house. (Look closely and you can see the reflection of puffy white clouds on the motorcycle.)

Post-production work included the usual exposure correction, sharpening, etc. in Photoshop. Following that, I carefully selected the subject (motorcycle & rider), removed the background, and put the subject on its own transparent layer. Underneath the motorcycle and rider layer I added another layer with a radial gradient (using the eyedropper tool to select colors from the motorcycle).

To make the reflection I duplicated motorcycle & rider layer. Using 'Transform' I flipped it vertically and skewed it slightly to make it 'fit' and then darkened it a bit. I fooled around with it until it looked to me like a realistic reflection. (If I were reworking this image now I would probably add a shadow on the 'floor' to enhance the realistic effect. There's always room for improvement!)