Friday, November 20, 2009


Grand Central Terminal 
New York City

If you've ever been there you know it is fairly dark inside the terminal. Despite the bright light streaming in through the large windows, the ceiling and lower levels are very dark. Photographically, it was quite challenging. (For me, at least!) A tripod would have made things a bit easier but I didn't have one with me at the time so, this was a handheld shot. I was paying no attention to the people but instead watching the histogram and trying to get the exposure right. I crossed my fingers, took several shots (before security shooed me away), and hoped for the best.

I knew the image would take quite a bit of post-processing. (At the time I really couldn't tell much from the tiny review screen on the back of my camera.) Imagine my surprise when I opened it up on the computer and saw the little girl holding her dad's hand and pointing up at the American flag. Serendipity!